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Could App Technology Be a Ducky Development for University of Oregon Community?

Could App Technology Be a Ducky Development for University of Oregon CommunityA recent conference in Eugene, Oregon drove home an important point: the tech economy is much broader than that little slice we call Silicon Valley.

An international advocacy group for mobile app developers and the Silicon Shire, a Eugene tech networking group, worked together to host the conference on technology development.

Several hundred people attended, including Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and Congressional Representative Peter DeFazio, as well as a bevy of local entrepreneurs. Morgan Reed, executive director of ACT/The App Association, was moderator the event.

“A big part of why the conference (was) held in Eugene is Mike Sax, a Eugene technology entrepreneur and founding member of ACT, the Association for Competitive Technology, a nonprofit group that helps policy-­makers understand the impact of proposed legislation on small business innovators,” noted the Register-Guard.

“Through our founding member from Oregon, Mike Sax, we’ve been introduced to Eugene companies that are changing the way the world works, shops, and plays in a mobile environment,” said Morgan Reed. “That’s why we decided to check out the region for ourselves, to explore what entrepreneurs do best here, and learn how we can help this community prosper.”

The association’s interest was piqued by work coming out of Eugene companies lately, including Concentric Sky, which has developed apps for National Geographic and the United Nations, and SheerID, which recently developed a new way to verify a consumer’s eligibility for discounts for special groups.

“Eugene is having a profound impact on innovation beyond what people would expect from a community its size,” an App Association spokesperson said.

The mobile economy is a $ 120 billion economy worldwide, noted the association said, adding that the centers for app development in the United States include New York; San Francisco; Austin, Texas; Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; and Boston. Only about 25 percent are based in the Silicon Valley.

The presence of a nearby university was cited as a boon to growing a tech-oriented sector in a community. For Eugene, Oregon, that would be just ducky.

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Time for the Buy Button, Baby: Salesforce Launches One for Community Cloud

Time for the Buy Button, Baby Salesforce Launches One for Community CloudSalesforce, a major customer relationship management company, just announced that Community Cloud can now let companies embed a buy button into online communities.

It’s a first — and it could be big.

“The new e-commerce capabilities enable communities of customers to discover, research, discuss and buy products in a single location while introducing a new sales channel for companies,” a provided statement to MMW reads.

Consumer services from Facebook and TripAdvisor to Pinterest and Twitter want to help brands drive revenue by allowing people to “click to buy” directly within the community.

“However, companies that want to offer this same type of commerce experience within their own communities have struggled to deliver it because there was not a trusted and easy way to combine transactions with their online communities,” noted the company.

It was a challenge that needed a resolution. As research from eMarketer shows, the potential for revenue upside for companies who offer e-commerce could reach $ 349.1 billion this year. And Salesforce’s new Community Cloud solution wants to put buy buttons right where brands’ customers are already gathered and engaged.

“Our goal is to make it easier for our customers to grow their businesses and today we’re the first enterprise solution that enables buy buttons for any online community,” said Nasi Jazayeri, executive vice president of Community Cloud, Salesforce. “Now any company can deliver the same click-to-buy experience as popular consumer services and grow their businesses with social commerce.”

You can watch this video overview of Community Cloud now.

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Respected Law Firm Creates Mobile App for Clients and Community

Smart Attorneys Creating Mobile Apps for Clients and CommunitiesWith multiple offices across the great state of Utah, Robert J. Debry and Associates isn’t just one of the nation’s leading personal injury law firms, they’re also mobile innovators from whom other law firms could learn a great deal.

Among the first attorneys at law to create a mobile app for the communities they serve, the Injury Lawyers app from Robert J Debry & Associates is a helpful resource for anyone who has been injured.

The app includes useful phone numbers and contact information as well as interactive functions to help you through the accident and injury legal process. Features include: Emergency phone numbers, Find helpful services, Record accident information, Helpful post-accident tips, and more.

All told, the design and launch of an app for individuals to use in the event of an emergency or personal injury is both practical and brilliant.

To learn more about the app or Robert J. Debry and Associates, click here.

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Twitter’s New Exchange Excites the Native Ad Community

Twitters New Exchange Excites the Native Ad Community 300x168 Twitters New Exchange Excites the Native Ad CommunityTwitter is ready to rock and roll in native advertising.

The social media company announced this week that its launching a mobile-focused native ad exchange through its recently acquired partner MoPub.

“Not only are native ads a significant improvement for publisher monetization in general, but users engage with these ad formats at a higher rate than the desktop-era banners and interstitials which are so prevalent in mobile apps today,” says Kevin Weil, an executive with Twitter. “Because of this, monetization through native ads can deliver a considerably better experience for users and also a better ROI for marketers.”

According to coverage from NativeMobile, MoPub is offering a complete solution for direct sold and exchange traded native ads, delivering extensive control and transparency to publishers.

“Taken together,” the Twitter-owned company explains, “the MoPub native ad solution gives you complete flexibility to build your native ads business without compromises.”

In the same report, Eric Feng, CTO of Flipboard, expressed his excitement for the new exchange.

“MoPub’s native ads solution lets us control the whole ad experience – from setting minimum price floors and prioritizing direct advertisers over house ads to blocking certain ad categories and limiting how often a user sees a creative,” Feng says. “We have a level of transparency into what our users see, and control over how and when they see it.”

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AT&T Connects with Community Colleges in North Carolina

ATT Connects with Community Colleges in North Carolina 300x225 AT&T Connects with Community Colleges in North CarolinaThe nation’s second largest carrier is putting college students in North Carolina first.

Recognizing the importance of the Community College system to North Carolina’s citizens and future, AT&T recently announced a contribution of $ 116,000 in honor of the system’s 50th anniversary.

The funds will provide two scholarships at each of the 58 community colleges across the state, supporting technical education students and students participating in a college transfer program. Priority will be given to students in minority and underserved populations and to students who are military veterans.

“For half a century, the North Carolina Community College system has made a lasting difference in the lives of our citizens and in the economic health of this great State,” says N.C. Governor Pat McCrory. “Our community colleges serve young people committed to furthering their education, support adults preparing for new careers, and offer unique programs which help our economy grow.”

“Contributions like this make a tremendous difference for our students and their families,” added Dr. Scott Ralls, System President. “That is particularly true for students who are working full-time jobs, or who are training for new jobs. For many of our students, the opportunity to receive a scholarship is vital for their being able to continue their education.”

AT&T and eleven other companies are also participating in the 100,000 Jobs Mission, the JP Morgan Chase initiative to hire 100,000 veterans and transitioning military service members by the end of 2020.

4e561b4a99c62d75eb7b3ebf77bf14e4 AT&T Connects with Community Colleges in North Carolina AT&T Connects with Community Colleges in North Carolina

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