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Samsung Wants a Bigger Piece of Healthcare Tech Market

Samsung Wants a Bigger Piece of Healthcare Tech MarketWhat Apple wants, Samsung wants too. And the battle for smartwatch supremacy simply won’t be an adequate battle for either.

As our sister site mHealthWatch first reported, Partners HealthCare has just announced a new partnership with Samsung Electronics to develop “the next generation of personalized digital and mobile solutions for health and wellness.”

The first phase of this collaboration, we’re told, will include software development and clinical research to deliver tools to improve chronic disease management.

Remote monitoring programs help patients and providers effectively manage chronic conditions, enabling patients to track their health, securely share personal health data with their provider and become collaborative partners in their care.

“We are excited to have access to the vast capabilities of Samsung Electronics to help improve the way we deliver care to our patients. This joint development program has the potential to significantly propel mHealth and personal connected health forward,” says Dr. Kamal Jethwani, Senior Director of Connected Health Innovation at Partners HealthCare. “This project represents the start of how smart technology, intelligent algorithms and world class clinical expertise can be combined to change the paradigm of care delivery.”

According to a statement provided to MMW, Dr. Jethwani will lead this research initiative at Partners HealthCare, which will launch in a clinical trial in June.

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Mobidia Creates First Web Dashboard to Help Marketers Understand Mobile Market, Analyze Trends

Mobidia Creates First Web Dashboard to Help Marketers Understand Mobile Market, Analyze TrendsA brand new tool that extracts data from the market’s largest mega-panel of smartphone users could soon help many brands “understand the mobile market, track competitors, analyze trends, and make better business decisions.”

Mobidia Technology Inc., a leading mobile measurement and analytics company, has launched a new web-based dashboard designed to make it easier and faster for customers to gain insights into mobile application usage trends worldwide.

“Drawing from the industry’s largest global, mega-panel of smartphone users, Mobidia’s Analytics Web Dashboard is a comprehensive resource for mobile app data and engagement metrics, offering visibility into app penetration, engagement, retention, usage, and other advanced user-cohort metrics that reveal the true performance of mobile applications,” according to the company.

Now businesses have a way to track trends across the mobile app market.

“The global view into app usage metrics and analytics that Mobidia offers allows businesses to gauge mobile usage trends and make better and smarter strategy, product and marketing decisions,” says a news release. “In fact, some of the largest app developers and game publishers, including Skype, King, Kakao, and Twitter look to Mobidia’s data to stay agile in the mobile industry.”

Mobidia CEO Derek Spratt feels his company’s data is a boon to businesses who want to make smart decisions.

“We’re proud of the role our data has played in helping hundreds of app developers and game publishers build stronger businesses,” said Spratt. “And access to our new dashboard makes it even easier for our customers to gain insights into the key performance indicators they value most when making critical business decisions. It’s an invaluable tool for app marketers to help understand and drive customer acquisition, app retention, engagement, and in-app purchases and app revenues.”

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Could Trumblr Corner the Creative Market? Company Launches ‘Creatrs Network’ to Unite Artists and Advertisers

Could Trumblr Corner the Creative Market Company Launches ‘Creatrs Network’ to Unite Artists and AdvertisersWhat’s Tumblr mixing up now?

While it’s true that the social media site has been a boon to millions of artists and creators who’ve used the platform to build followings, now Tumblr “wants to help those people become commercial successes in the real world, too.”

“Today, Tumblr announced the launch of the Creatrs Network, a sort of creative agency for Tumblr bloggers that will help connect them with brands and other organizations that want to use Tumblr artist content in their ads and marketing,” according to a post at Wired. “The new division, which Tumblr has been testing with a hand-selected cohort of artists, has been in development for a year.”

Word is that early adopters of the idea include AT&T, Universal Pictures, and Gap, which have worked with Tumblr artists to create original content to be featured on their Tumblr pages. Graphic illustrations created by Trace Loops, for instance, were recently featured in the background of an episode of The Voice.

“The appeal for artists is obvious,” explained Wired. “This network gives them access to potentially gargantuan audiences they probably never would have reached otherwise, and Tumblr pays the artists their regular rate for the work. And for brands, Tumblr is promising access to the very artists who have helped make Tumblr a user-engagement powerhouse.”

Can creative change the world?

“We think the creative class is really the next generation that’s going to come up and change the world,” says Tumblr Head of Creative Strategy David Hayes, “and we think we have the largest creative class of any platform.”

This comes on the heels of recent YouTube initiatives. YouTube recently announced it would begin running ad campaigns highlighting YouTube stars — and hopefully transform them into mainstream celebrities.

Hayes is super proud of what he thinks is — well — a super idea.

“We’re super super proud of the fact that Tumblr powers the world’s best content,” Hayes says. “The idea that Tumblr will power the best advertising campaigns on Tumblr and on Facebook an on Instagram and on YouTube and on display banner campaigns and their websites, it totally makes sense to us. Coming up with a structure that allowed us to do that took a little bit of time.”

“Creators who Tumblr selects for the network get more than just publicity, too,” explains Hayes. “Creatrs promises them access to legal assistance as they develop contracts and broker licensing deals. We will take a much more aggressive stance, as far as protecting artists’ work.”

And this will be music to the ears of creative types: Tumblr says it will pay the artists for their content and guarantee they’ll get credit for their work, no matter where it appears online or in the real world.

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Business is About to Pick Up for Multichannel Campaign Management Market

Business is About to Pick Up for Multichannel Campaign Management Market 300x200 Business is About to Pick Up for Multichannel Campaign Management MarketAccording to the latest industry data and corresponding projections, the Multichannel Campaign Management Market is now projected to grow from $ 1.13 billion in 2014 to $ 2.70 billion in 2019.

If you’re keeping score at home, that expansion represents at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19.0% from 2014 to 2019.

Once again, North America is expected to be the biggest market for Multichannel Campaign Management followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific.

“As the multichannel campaign management (MCM) continues to add new social and digital channels, top players in this market find new methods and strategies for enhanced customer engagement techniques,” reads a report summary from MarketsandMarkets.

The growing age of digital marketing has led to crucial reforms in the traditional marketing practices. Companies have found it necessary to run huge promotional campaigns to control the mind-share of the customers. The global operations of the companies have urged for an advanced multichannel campaign management solution to provide the companies with valuable insights from customer information and strategize new ways of customer engagement for retention and acquisition of valuable customers.

“MCM solutions build new-age communication links with customers over various channels such as emails, SMS, web, blogs, social media, mobile apps and others,” the report announcement notes. “The multichannel campaign management market is soon expected to pick up rapid pace of expansion throughout the globe.”

55ab8b606a481ce364782bdf5c5e6f84 Business is About to Pick Up for Multichannel Campaign Management Market Business is About to Pick Up for Multichannel Campaign Management Market

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From Pony Express to Warp Speed: 5 Ways Market Research Will Evolve in 2015 and Beyond

From Pony Express to Warp Speed 5 Ways Market Research Will Evolve in 2015 and Beyond 300x146 From Pony Express to Warp Speed: 5 Ways Market Research Will Evolve in 2015 and BeyondThe following is a guest contributed post from Kyle Henderson, Founder of YouEye.

Market research has been an important component of business since the first merchant defined the first target customer. Over the years, the methods have evolved, but at its core, market research has always been about identifying market opportunities and customer preferences. This has become more of a challenge for companies now that there are hundreds of thousands of new sites, apps, services and products coming to the market every day.

The pace of commerce is much quicker today and more mobile-focused. Companies that still rely on traditional focus groups and market research labs find it difficult to get accurate, actionable intelligence that they can apply in real time. But market research is evolving too. Here are five trends that will transform market research in 2015 and beyond.

1.    On-demand market research will increasingly have a mobile-first focus. Market research methods are catching up with toady’s more mobile-focused commerce preferences. In 2015 and beyond, more product developers will integrate market research generated by automated in-person collection of insights and behavior metrics. Using automated interview technology, marketers will have access to always-on UX metrics that will enable them to monitor product-customer interactions all the time.

2.    Ecommerce companies will segment users’ experience across multiple screens. While some businesses are still struggling to move beyond desktop / web-oriented strategies, savvy ecommerce teams already recognize that today’s customers interact with multiple screens – smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and desktops – and have different expectations and preferences that they bring to each screen. Ecommerce companies that recognize this can conduct real-time market research across screens and gain insight into how people want to interact with each device.

3.    Marketers will conduct surveys without survey questions. With mobile-first technologies like micro expression recognition, marketers can gain incredible new insights into customer behavior and preferences without using traditional survey questions. They can engage with participants at scale, enabling consumers to interact with products, watch ads or view collateral, and analysts can then identify patterns in responses to determine what’s effective – and what users find frustrating or confusing. This approach goes beyond defining what consumers are doing to identifying the all-important reason why they take certain actions.

4.    Market research will be delivered via an always-on dashboard rather than a report. Many marketers are already receiving their research and analytics via a single dashboard that integrates multiple data feeds rather than in the form of quarterly reports. Marketers are looking at integrated data from multiple sources to gain insight and context beyond a single metric. Because this approach is so much more immediate and effective, more marketers and product development teams will take advantage of new platforms and technologies that deliver information in this format in 2015 and beyond.

5.    Market research becomes a tactical tool, not just a strategy planning asset. With traditional market research methods, there is a lengthy data collection phase as well as analysis and reporting processes that make the findings suitable only for strategic planning. With real-time, qualitative data now available 24/7/365 in an integrated dashboard, market research is becoming a tactical tool that enables sound operational decision-making in real time. This enables product developers to change strategies on the fly in response to customer feedback and allows ecommerce leaders to provide customers with an optimal experience across all screen types to drive more sales.

Businesses have evolved rapidly over the past few decades to accommodate the new opportunities and challenges of the Information Age. Market research is undergoing an evolution of its own, and new platforms and technologies are allowing marketers to reinvent the traditional approach and drive improvements in products, services, online and mobile experiences as well as marketing campaigns. With more data streams, better data integration and faster analytics, modern market research is a tactical weapon rather than just a strategic asset; it now moves at warp speed instead of at a Pony Express pace.

With tools like remote usability research, behavior recognition, live surveys and user experience analytics, this is a new Golden Age in market research – and it presents an incredible opportunity for businesses that integrate these tools into their operations. As data analytics grew in popularity, companies were able to more quickly and accurately identify what was happening on the ground with customers. In 2015 and beyond, new market research solutions are telling them why customers are responding as they do. That’s a game-changer.

55ab8b606a481ce364782bdf5c5e6f84 From Pony Express to Warp Speed: 5 Ways Market Research Will Evolve in 2015 and Beyond From Pony Express to Warp Speed: 5 Ways Market Research Will Evolve in 2015 and Beyond

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