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New Study Probes the Priorities and Challenges Facing Digital Publishers week, our friends at Mixpo released their latest report, The State of Digital Advertising for Publishers.

Through a combination of interviews and survey data, the report reveals new findings on the priorities and challenges facing digital publishers. The report highlights the top ten trends that emerged from the research and provides insights on how publishers think about, and can tackle, the most pressing issues in digital advertising.

“We created this report to get a holistic perspective on the publisher’s digital reality. Publishers are up against many challenges—Facebook battles to replace them as the daily homepage for information, mobile consumption is disrupting ad formats and inventory volume, and campaign execution has become even more complex,” says Kyoo Kim, chief revenue officer at Mixpo. “Our research found, however, that as digital advertising matures publishers are beginning to operationalize in a much more thoughtful way, which allows them to realize more stable revenue opportunities.”

The report reinforces big opportunities in video and programmatic, with new insights and dives deep into major publisher concerns about mobile, attribution and measurement, and social. Facebook, in particular, is a pressing topic, magnified by the social giant’s most recent algorithm change that caused publisher referral traffic to drop. Specifically, the report found that publishers are wary of becoming dependent on third-party platforms that define how their content is monetized.

The report also reveals the tactics being used by publishers to manage and grow within an ever-changing digital environment.

All told, there’s much to review. And the inquiring mind will want to do exactly that. To learn more, the full report is available now for download here.

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PostUp Launches ‘Audience Development Solution’ Email Engagement for Digital Publishers and Media Firms

logoPostUp, leader in end-to-end email marketing technology, has launched “Audience Development Solution,” a full service program designed for publishers and media companies that want to grow their email audiences and increase consumer engagement.

“In addition to being the only ESP with email capture tools built into our platform, we are thrilled to be the only to offer a full-service audience development solution designed with the unique needs of media and publishing companies in mind,” said Tony D’Anna, CEO of PostUp. “We continue to roll out new solutions specifically focused on serving the publisher and media company sector, most recently with our CTR program launch. This latest offering is focused on the foundation and greatest source of revenue in any email marketing program — i.e. its audience.”

One key is building relationships.

“PostUp has extensive experience helping large clients to build their email marketing programs by developing their audiences while building better relationships with them,” a statement emailed to MMW reads. “For instance, they recently worked with to increase the size of the company’s database by 32 percent over the last year alone.”

Interestingly, PostUp is the only company that provides a full-service “do no harm” approach to audience development.

“PostUp’s team uses its expertise to design, build, and deploy capture tools on clients’ websites and social media channels, and then closely monitors those tools to ensure that email capture efforts do not negatively impact clients’ KPIs, whether it’s social shares, page views, etc. PostUp takes on the onus of designing, building, testing and tweaking capture tools for optimum performance,” according to the company.

More details are available at

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One By AOL Publishers Goes Global

One By AOL Publishers Goes GlobalOn Monday, at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership Meeting, AOL launched ONE by AOL for Publishers to “simplify an overly complex ecosystem and provide holistic, tailored solutions for publishers.”

“Over the past six years,” the company announced, “AOL has invested more than $ 1 billion in publisher-first technologies, and has developed and expanded those solutions globally.”

The goal at hand? By bringing the businesses and platforms together with ONE by AOL: Publishers, the company explains, AOL is “helping publishers with audience engagement and analytics, content distribution and revenue management.”

“Publishers face many obstacles and challenges in navigating the complexities of today’s media environment, and the walled garden technology solutions available to them today is underservicing their needs to capitalize on the consumer shift to mobile and video,” said Tim Mahlman, President of Publisher Platforms at AOL. “With ONE by AOL: Publishers, AOL is drawing on world-class, publisher-minded teams and technology solutions to redefine monetization and empower publishers to capture the maximum value of their content.”

Want to know more? Click here.

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Digital Publishers Get ‘Buy Now’ Option with Okanjo’s Launch of Product Match Tech

Digital Publishers Get ‘Buy Now’ Option with Okanjo's Launch of Product Match TechPinterest did it with “Shoppable Pins.” Both Google and Twitter have plans for “Buy Now” buttons.

Now Okanjo, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native commerce company, will launch “Product Match,” a new tool that will let online publishers add “Buy Now” tech to their ad campaigns.

“Product Match helps online publishers develop new business models and open new revenue streams with digital display advertising,” reads a statement provided to MMW. “Currently working with online media holding companies that include industry leaders like Lee Enterprises and Morris Publishing Group, Okanjo is poised to bring Product Match technology to local publishers nationwide.”

An easy plug-and-play option, Product Match has two main features. With what the company calls “Contextual Placement,” the tool reads publisher content for sentiment and keywords, then places advertiser products next to the most relevant content.

The “In-Ad Transactions” feature renders display ads shoppable. Users can conduct purchases inside the ad itself without leaving the publisher’s page.

“Providing customers a seamless and instant shopping experience is a game changer for online publishers and their advertisers,” said Okanjo CEO Michael Drescher. “We’re excited that we can provide online publishers of all sizes with ‘Buy Now’ technology. Up until now, this is something that’s only been available to eCommerce giants and top media websites.”

In addition to allowing consumers to stick with engaging content instead of being re-directed, Product Match lets digital publishers “keep their hard-earned traffic on-site and engaged with content.”

More details are available at

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Publishers Dropping the Ball on Email Marketing

Publishers Dropping the Ball on Email Marketing 300x200 Publishers Dropping the Ball on Email MarketingThe basics of email marketing aren’t so basic to everyone.

According to a new report from Lyris, the shift from print to digital has “transformed the publishing industry, but many publishers are still struggling with the basics of email marketing.”

That’s the revelation from a recent FOLIO survey sponsored by Lyris.

The survey of more than 175 publishing professionals found that they are still grappling with the fundamentals of digital messaging to drive increased subscriptions and advertising revenue.

Despite the proven effectiveness of email marketing, the survey results point to key areas of email marketing weakness among publishers:

  • List building and maintenance: Publishers cite list growth as their number one pain point. As a result, list growth and improving subscriber data quality are their top priorities for next 12 months.
  • Mobile optimization: In spite of the fact that most email is viewed on mobile devices, only 34 percent of survey respondents said their emails are fully mobile-optimized. While many have plans to expand their mobile design efforts, 16 percent of respondents are not even sure where to start.
  • Personalized messaging: Nearly 40 percent of survey respondents said they don’t analyze audience behaviors, including subscriber and browser abandonment, to create personalized messages. Personalization based on behavior was also low on the list of email marketing priorities for the next 12 months, with only 30.7 percent of responses.
  • Strategies for engagement: Nearly 79 percent of respondents said they don’t have a strategy to engage with inactive subscribers, leaving a significant revenue opportunity untapped.

“Publishers are well-known for having a deep understanding of their audiences. However, the survey findings reveal that they have yet to apply those experiences to email marketing,” said Alex Lustberg, CMO at Lyris. “This represents a significant opportunity for the industry to apply email marketing best practices to better engage their audiences to increase advertising and subscription revenue.”

5c85be84cb2a43c8ab4d0071fcec514e Publishers Dropping the Ball on Email Marketing Publishers Dropping the Ball on Email Marketing

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